NEXSW Tour 2023: Cemetery, lake, and front porch

Tour recap: July 6

We explored the back roads around our cottage. Up on top of a hill, there was a little church with a cemetery, and we wandered around looking at the head stones. 

Sad to see this set of graves for children who died almost as soon as they were born.

My favorite stone was for a veteran, beautifully decorated with a peaceful pastoral scene in full color.

Looking down from the church yard, you could see slopes planted with Christmas trees.

Later in the day we felt like going for a swim, so we headed over to the Beartree Recreation Area. We "swam" in the lake there, although the beach was poorly maintained, and the water only about 2 feet deep and rather silty. The water temperature was perfect!

There was a loop trail around the lake as well, easy enough to traverse in our flip-flops.

In the evening, we recorded a few song videos on my cell phone, unplugged, out on the front porch. These were individually made for, and privately distributed to, our tour sponsors, so I can't share them here. But I can share a screen shot. Yes, we were still in our swimming/hiking clothes!