NEXSW Tour 2023: Hungry Mother, Tumbling Creek

Tour recap: July 7-8

In the earlier part of the day Friday, we were busy recording more cell phone videos for our generous tour sponsors, and writing thank-you postcards.

Then there was a scenic drive from Damascus to Marion... get to our evening destination. The main reason we were out in this part of the state was to play at Hungry Mother State Park. We love this park for its trails and cabins and lake, and have had a slot in their "Music in the Park" concert series for several years now. When the weather is nice, the musicians set up at the gazebo, and the attendees set up their chairs and blankets on the lawn. Some people come early to stake out their favorite spots, but most show up just a few minutes before the concert starts. (You might think there's no one coming, but then they do!) 

There was good turnout and good response; people really listen here, and seem to enjoy the originals as well as cover songs they may or may not know. It's like a listening room, but outdoors. As per usual, Dacey got some pictures of me warming up before the show. 

Saturday morning, we were up and at 'em early to play at the Damascus Farmers Market.

That night, we played at Tumbling Creek Cider in Abingdon. It was a cozy and fabulous sounding room. Unfortunately there were few people there to enjoy it, but the three couples who came to listen were a lovely, supportive, interactive audience, and we had a great time giving them a private little concert.

Photo courtesy of Don Baker