NEXSW Tour 2023: Weathered Ground, New River Gorge

Tour recap: July 9-11

Our final gig of the tour was on a Sunday afternoon at Weathered Ground Brewery in Ghent, West Virginia.

We played the first set inside, but later unplugged and played outside for folks on the patio.

Then we had about an hour's drive to Babcock State Park, in the New River Gorge area, where we were camping for two nights. We avoided the interstate highway to maximize the scenic views.

For dinner, we reheated the leftover pizza from our lunch at the brewery over the campfire. It did not work nearly as well as I'd hoped. Okay, it was a culinary failure, rendering formerly delicious food nearly inedible.

But at least we had nice digs.

We went on a spectacular hike on Monday.

The next day, after packing up the campsite, we recorded the final set of videos for our tour sponsors, on the spot where our tent had stood.

Then we checked out the "historic" mill (actually a very well-done recreation), and soaked in some more views of the New River Gorge and massive bridge before heading home. Almost heaven, West Virginia!