Silver linings

We're still in the midst of a pandemic. We still have the worst "president" the U.S. has ever seen (although he'll be gone soon, praise be). And yet. There are silver linings.

A silver lining of having the worst president is that it inspired me to make my first ever political music video. I had written alternate lyrics to my song "Guilty" months before, but had not done anything with it. As the presidential election approached closer and closer, I felt a burning need to make a get-out-the-vote video out of it. I recruited Blee Child to sit in on drums. John Morand was able to squeeze us in for a recording session at the Sound of Music Studio on a Thursday evening, with Lisa Miller capturing some video footage at the same time. Time was of the essence, because I wanted to release the video at least a week before Election Day. With the audio mix in hand, I put the video together over the weekend, and unleashed it on the world on Sunday, October 25. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. 

We had some fun getting the "VOTE!" shout out, too.

A silver lining of the pandemic is that it inspired some folks in the Bellevue neighborhood (Dacey's neighborhood) to organize an outdoor music walk, dubbed "Porchella". Originally scheduled for Saturday, October 10, it was rescheduled for the following Saturday due to rain. Our pal Summer was supposed to sit in with us on the cajon, but unfortunately, she was out of town on the rain date. Still, we had a good time practicing with her.

October 17 turned out to be perfect weather! An assortment of musicians, including us, played staggered half-hour sets in front of various houses in the neighborhood. The neighbors were delighted, walking or biking or scootering from house to house to catch the different acts. People were generally good about masking and/or social distancing, and showed so much appreciation for the musicians. The whole thing had such a great vibe. And it was wonderful to see and chat with our friends Chris, Jolie, Doug, and Nancy, who were among the first arrivals to catch our first set.

Someone posted a snippet of our performance of "Big Yellow Taxi".


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