NEXSW Tour 2023: Easton to Newburgh

Tour recap: June 10, 2023

Noto's Deli was one of the breakfast recommendations in the info sheet put together by our Airbnb hostess in Easton, PA, so we walked the few blocks over there and got us some egg sammiches and coffee. It did not disappoint. Yum!

We had a gig that night in Newburgh, NY, about 120 miles to the northeast, but first we overshot that town and went on up to New Paltz to visit with John's 96-year-old dad, Jack, in his retirement community. We popped in for a short visit with John's sister and brother-in-law (Kim and Joe) as well. We could have stayed at their place that night, but because of the geography and timing of our next two gigs, we booked a room at the Quality Inn in Fishkill (quite nice). We checked in there in the late afternoon, got ourselves spiffed up a bit, then went to our venue for the night, The Wherehouse, arriving in time to have a reasonably leisurely dinner before loading in and setting up. Showtime was 8 to 11 pm, which is on the late side for us!

The Wherehouse is a funky place with interesting decor, good food, and super friendly proprietor (Dan) and staff who treated us really well. The ceiling is decorated with vinyl records, and the upper paneling is decorated with variously costumed... boobs.

The stage was really tiny, but we managed to set up with some spillover onto the floor and by commandeering some adjacent tables for the mixer and merch.

Kim and Joe came out and had dinner and watched us play for the early part of the night.

Dan and his wife took a number of videos of us playing; here's one they posted to Instagram of my original song, "Sliver of Joy":

And another, a cover of Tori Sparks' "Cold War":

Toward the end of the night, the staff member who originally greeted us when we came through the door joined us on hand drums on a song. He was so upbeat and friendly, and I wish I could remember his name! There was a lot of positive energy in this place, and we had a great time. Dan was so welcoming and said that next time we come through, we could book one show here on our way north and another on the way back south. Right on!


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