NEXSW Tour 2023: A day off at Ausable Chasm

Tour recap: June 15, 2023

It was a Thursday, and we didn't have a gig scheduled, so it was a day for relaxing and recreating. I was up before John, wandering around the campground to check out other sites, and then I set up my beloved hammock.

To cook breakfast, I commandeered the blue folding table we usually use to hold the mixing board.

After breakfast, I spent some time in my hammock looking up music and electronics stores on my phone, trying to find a replacement for that damn power cord I needed for my piano. I couldn't find one that could be shipped any place useful in time for the next three shows. I had one shipped to my Dad's up in Maine, so I'd at least have it for the last two gigs in the northeast.

Later we walked down to view the Ausable Chasm together. It was pretty majestic looking from the bridge.

We would have liked to have gone hiking around there, but they were charging $20 per person to enter -- just to hike! Between that and the big commercial signs with cheesy Jurassic Park-style font, no thanks. 

We went for a bike ride to explore the area instead. We went through the woods, then back on the road down to the lake where we dipped our toes in the water. Up a grueling steep hill, refusing to walk it, eventually rewarded with a glimpse of the mountains. Along country roads that led us to an enclosure full of cute piglets, which first fled in terror before scampering back towards us to see if we had anything good to eat. We stopped and bought some meat at a self-serve farm store on the honor system -- how quaint! We got caught in a little rain but soon after arrived at Ausable Brewing Co., where we toweled off and had a beer. This was the place we'd be playing the next day, so it was a little preview of what to expect there. A hidden gem in the middle of nowhere!

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