NEXSW TOUR 2023: Last night at Ausable Chasm

Tour recap: June 16, 2023

It was a Friday, and our last day to see any sights around Ausable Chasm. The weather was a little iffy, but we pulled off a leisurely hike at Macomb Reservation State Park without getting wet.

Later we drove over to the Ausable Marsh Wildlife Management Area. 

It was rainy off and on, so we didn't stay out long. We saw some geese and egrets there, but didn't get any decent pictures of them. Later I dropped off John at the campground, and went into the little town of Keeseville to pick up some postcards, and took a walk around while I was there.

In the evening we played a 2-hour gig at Ausable Brewing Co.

This place is kind of a hidden gem in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by farmland. Tasty beer, nice space to play in kind of an open-air barn, good crowd. We didn't have to cook for ourselves that night, since the food truck at the brewery supplied us with more than ample meals. I'd love to play there again. I even bought a T-shirt. 

The most surprising thing about this gig was that there was a couple there from Midlothian, VA. They came up to introduce themselves, saying they had seen us before back in Richmond, at the James River Cellars Winery where we play 1-2 times per year. What are the odds they'd find us again in way-upstate New York? There was also a couple from Winchester, VA. 

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