NEXSW TOUR 2023: Ausable Chasm to Brattleboro

Tour recap: June 17, 2023

It rained pretty much the entire day, about half of which was spent driving from Ausable Chasm to Brattleboro, Vermont, where we had a gig that night at the River Garden Marketplace.

Can you spot the cardboard cutout of Bernie in the back? 

There wasn't an actual stage for us to play on, but there were colored stage lights to officially designate the band spot. 

If you walked out on the balcony, you could look out over the Connecticut River below (kinda hard to see because of all the trees, though).

It could have been fun to go out on the town after our gig was over, but it was still drippy out, and not that inviting to walk around. Plus we knew we had to leave pretty early the next day to get up to Burlington. So we ate our takeout food from River Garden back in our motel room, and called it a night.

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