NEXSW Tour 2023: New Hampshire Gigs and Friends

Tour recap: June 22-23

We left Dad's house in Cumberland, ME on Thursday, in the late morning, headed for Lebanon, NH -- about a 3-hour drive. There we played for the crowd at the afternoon/evening farmers market. We mispronounced the name of the town into the microphone, and were pointedly, but good-naturedly, corrected. Pro tip: Don't pronounce Lebanon, New Hampshire like the country! 

The crowd there was great. Lots of people hung out on the lawn in front of us to listen, and threw lots of tips in our can -- enough to cover a nice dinner at a restaurant across from the market.

The next day we headed to Sunapee (also in New Hampshire), where we had a gig at The Anchorage that night.

John's old friend Chris had arranged for us to stay with his friend Mark that night, so we all met up for lunch at Mark's house on the lake. It was a gorgeous day and we were happy to have time for a paddle in the afternoon before we needed to get ready to play.

These ducks came cruising in while I was hiding behind a boulder, correcting a wardrobe malfunction!

Here's Mark with his amazingly calm dog. It would be laughable to try this with one of John's dogs!!

Christopher's and John's friendship goes way back!

I had to take a picture of the live music poster at the venue because... spelling.

We played out on the screened-in deck, and had a good time playing for the evening dinner & drinks crowd, which included Chris and Mark. 

As our last set was winding down, the late-night crowd starting filling in, and we exceeded the average age by at least a quarter century. You could practically smell the pheromones. Ahh, youth! I remember those days.
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