NEXSW Tour 2023: Vermont to Maine

Tour recap: June 20 - 21

We didn't have any gigs scheduled in Maine, but my Dad lives up there so we did a side tour. We left our little cabin in Vermont and passed through the White Mountains of New Hampshire, enjoying the scenery and wishing we had time to go hiking.

Once up in Cumberland, ME, we took some short walks around local parks.

And then to mix things up, we rode a ferry from Portland out to Great Diamond Island. We took Dad's dog Luke along, which turned out to be ill-advised. He is a great dog in general, but acted like a freak on the boat (don't be fooled by the happy picture below). 

It was a great day to be out on Casco Bay though!

We had lunch outside at the restaurant near the boat landing. I'm pretty sure it's the ONLY restaurant on the island. 

After lunch, John and I took the dog for a long walk, while Dad rested in a chair overlooking the water.

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