NEXSW Tour 2023: Virginia Creeper, friendly deer

Tour recap: July 4

Independence Day, a Tuesday, with no gig, no obligations. We decided to bike the Virginia Creeper rail trail to the top. We had biked different sections of the trail on a few previous occasions, but never covered this section from Damascus to Whitetop. It wasn't super steep, but it was a steady, mostly unrelenting incline. Lots of people take a shuttle to the top and coast down. Not us! So it was a challenge, but I enjoyed it. Let's just say that Dacey was less enthusiastic about it than I was.

Later, when we were back "home" relaxing, we saw a buck emerge from the woods across the road. I noticed that, in addition to a broken antler, he seemed to have a collar around his neck. I walked across the road towards him; he didn't shy away. I got closer. And closer. And closer. And then:


Amazing. Clearly, this guy was someone's pet, albeit free-roaming.


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