NEXSW 2023 Day 5: Planted in New Paltz

NEXSW tour recap, day 5 (June 12, 2023) -

No gig, and no travel on this day. In the morning we went to visit with John's dad, Jack. We picked him up from his retirement community and took him to a farm market so he could choose some new flowering plants to add to his collection.

Afterwards, John and I went on a bike ride, starting in Poughkeepsie. We crossed the river on the "Walkway over the Hudson", explored a bit in Highland Hamlet, and continued on the Hudson Valley Rail Trail for a ways before retracing our path back to the starting point for a total of almost ten miles.

The map at an information kiosk shows the general area and available trails.

Cool mural in the hamlet of Highland

Nods to the history of the trail as an active railroad

We spent the evening with our hosts, Kim and Joe (John's sister and brother-in-law), enjoying another home cookout.


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